CERAfoam Solution - innovative lightweight construction meets design - Eschmann Textures Innovation

Foaming rediscovered…potential through innovative technologies

In combination with innovative laser textures and processes (Femto), coatings based on ceramic materials in plastic foaming molds offer potential for improving surface quality. Typical process defects such as “foam streaks” can be concealed.




Compared to compact injection molding, foamed components offer a number of advantages that generate significant customer benefits – especially in the current discussion on sustainable processes and materials – and increase competitiveness.


at a glance:

  • avoidance of sink marks – “rib to wall ratio 1:1”
  • high degree of design freedom, functional component and rib design
  • realization of thin wall thicknesses possible
  • material saving ~ 20% (+) by design and process
  • shorter cycle times, reduction of closing and injection pressure
  • reduction of CO2 footprint
  • improved heat balance in the process reduces foam streaks
  • very good Molding accuracy with excellent foamable materials
  • good scratch and writing resistance with high mattness
  • reduction of visible seam lines and “tiger lines
  • etc.

a joint project with our partner FBB Formenbau Buchen


imperceptible Watermark - Eschmann Textures & Digimarc

Combine innovative laser textures with the imperceptible watermark…potential through innovative technologies from Digimarc and Eschmann Textures.

By using the code technology of DIGIMARC, Eschmann Textures can insert this code in any type of texture, for the use of lasering in steel / ceramic or also for the application Digitex / Digiflex.




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